Tuesday, February 07, 2012

running over

the Gospel is life changing. and if its not life changing, it isn't the Gospel.

this truth is the mere scraping of the day. between such busy mondays that include two classes, one studio, two bible studies, working out and quality time, i was reminded of such.
We're forever selfish with the Gospel; dividing it out, as if grace is some sort of commodity to share with those we think most highly of or could make the best use of it. there needs to be less dividing and more multiplying, extending grace far beyond the limits of our human insight.
we limit our own use by not committing our ways fully to the Kingdom and its furthering. that said, how do we move beyond what we believe we are called to do? we hardly have a full grasp of the desire God has for us and his truth, and without a continued growth in perspective, how should we ever move beyond our own expectations. yearning for unfathomable motions of God's hand is essential to living a life that allows your cup to run over the sides and unto the lives of those we are commanded to expose the truth of the Gospel to.

so what is the point of the Gospel bringing life change? south carolina's bible belt feature allows for a great misunderstanding of the way that Jesus works. being good isn't enough.
a life change doesn't just appear outwardly. and it also doesn't just hide inwardly. a life change as a result of the Gospel, is one that penetrates the thickest of skin and past, one that emerges with the new dawn, one that radiates light from the once darkest of places, and brings hope to the most desolate of hearts.
in some, it is harder to see. and in others it is the most obvious of changes. but the change, of whatever degree is the essential piece. without it, there has been no encounter with the Gospel that is worth mentioning to oneself or the world.

so, multiply the kingdom. and penetrate the world with truth.


pam b from sc said...

Yes! If we're being transformed into the likeness of Christ, we will attract the attention of others. Let it be because we are living the life! Not because we are the proverbial hypocrite. We all stumble at times but let even that speak the good news of the Gospel when we allow Him to humble us and lift us up.

Love you, girl!

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