Wednesday, February 08, 2012

waiting for a 'no'

as Christians, we often spend time 'praying about things'. That be, our future, our relationships, our time, and so on. We 'dedicate' them to the Lord. Convinced that if we just say that we're praying about something, the Lord will very well bless our hearts with whatever we desire. Aligning our wants with His is something that we know to do, but rarely find ourselves living out to a place of fulfillment to glory.
Preparing our hearts for the opposite of our desires is hardly something we want to carry out, much less, deal with in a perilous reality. Receiving a 'no' from Jesus when we think we deserve a 'yes' is hard and undesirable.

But what about the times when we here the Lord give us a 'yes' to our own desires? When what He wants, clearly matches our's? He's just being vague about our next step? Or is He?

Too often we move forward when we have not been lead to on decisions that we probably shouldn't be considering anyway. And when we do, we can excuse it as 'God's Will' for our lives.
The issue comes when we have confused God with ourselves. Our hearts and longings tell us yes! Yes to the unwise financial decision. Yes to the new relationship. Yes to the new position. Yes to the flesh. The root of the issue is not moving forward or how to, but rather that we have confused the very center of our lives. God's power in our lives have been overshadowed by the power of our own wants, desire to receive them, and them to be as maximally satisfying as possible.
We've exchanged our true God with the one that is only ourselves. Of course that god said yes! of course there was motion toward our desire; they're all we're listening to anyway!

Unclouding our path and communication with Jesus is the best way to avoid this. Creating an open line with him on a basis that comes not from a time when we want answers alone, but a time when we can simply live to worship Him. When communication is no longer blocked by our own desires for the 'big decisions' in our lives, we are most free to see and seek His face so that we may more fully understand his heart, character and will to better live a life of glory. Receiving a surprising answer from God is often decreased in occurrence when we better know his Spirit.


Liz said...

agree, agree, agree!

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